South Hill Cider • Ithaca, NY

Our May 2017 cidrbox was sold through South Hill Cider and shipped direct from their cidery in  Ithaca, New York • Join us for a cider tasting with the maker Steve Selin »

Fine and well-crafted hard cider from the Fingerlakes • Made in small batches, with attention to detail

Steve Selin, Apple-hunter, Cidermaker, Orchardist

Ithaca, NY

42.3914° N, -76.5243° W

Steve Selin creates South Hill Cider from apples both cultivated and captured. What he doesn’t press from the classic French, English and American cider apples varieties that he grows in his orchard outside Ithaca, New York, or acquires from carefully selected growers in the region, he gathers from wild and feral orchards on the nearby hills, where entirely unique apple trees have sprung up from seeds and grow far enough from the roadside that Steve and his crew must often carry them out in pack baskets. 

Apple trees that grow from seeds – rather than being cloned through grafting – are like human offspring, because they are entirely unique DNA mashups of their parent trees. It takes a mindful manner and an observant palate to understand what they can offer the finished cider. Selin has grown practiced in reading the fruit and achieving exciting, unique, balanced blends that Mark Squires describes in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate as “a cider that drinks like a fine wine” and Rowan Jacobson describes as “one of the best ciders I've had – crisp, mineral, and with a lovely richness – from both the bittersweet apples and the time in oak … really, really nice.” 

Selin’s attention doesn’t end with the cider itself: Several varieties of South Hill Cider bear handmade letterpress labels, designed by the maker, and are collector’s items in themselves. 

We look forward to sharing Steve Selin’s curated assortment of South Hill Cider with you in our May CIDRBOX »