Prima Cider Long Grove, IL

Our August cidrbox is sold through Prima Cider and ships direct from their cidery in Long Grove, Illinois just outside of Chicago • Fresh pressed and small batch fermented from Michigan heirloom apples in the German Most tradition

Producers of local craft cider in Chicago • Cidermaker Richard Bertsche

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Prima cidermaker Richard Bertsche's first memory of cider is being sent by his grandfather, a farmer from the Black Forest of Germany, to the cool of the cellar to fetch a bembel—or earthernware pitcher—full of the Most that his grandfather fresh pressed and fermented each fall.

Often served as a still cider, Most or Apfelwein is the German equivalent of American orchard cider. Directly translated, Apfelwein is a true and telling description of what cider actually is: Apple Wine. Like American orchard cider, it's also intensely regional and seasonal, and depends upon the timing and proximity of the annual apple harvest.

Maker Bertsche carries on his grandfather's tradition in the Great Lakes region, sourcing his heirloom and cider apples from a multi-generational orchard in nearby Michigan, and making small batch dry, complex ciders with limited distribution in the Chicagoland area. For the American market he's added sparkle to his ciders, through careful bottle conditioning and the applied champagne method, creating a lively effervescence with creamy mouthfeel.