Founded in 2016

In some small piece of pure humanity / A strip of orchard between river and rock  —Rilke


What’s in the box? 

Each monthly CIDRBOX is curated by a single, distinctive American heritage orchard cidermaker and features the best ciders that they have to offer. CIDRBOX favors hard ciders that are produced and bottled like fine wine, with an emphasis on the quality of the fruit and the influence of regional terroir. Your CIDRBOX shipment will contain three, six or twelve 750ml bottles, with the occasional appearance of a specialty bottle in 375ml or 500 ml bottles.

Are CIDRBOX ciders dry or sweet or somewhere in between? 

We ask our American heritage cidermakers to provide a single curated assortment, and to spotlight their dry to semi-sweet ciders to appeal to the cider lover who appreciates the apple wine qualities of fine cider. You will also experience still ciders alongside traditional sparkling ciders in some CIDRBOX assortments.

What makes CIDRBOX cider different from the hard cider I can buy at my local liquor store? 

We can’t compete with the mass production methods and global distribution channels of commercially produced ciders. Our goal is to work with small, award winning cideries that have not yet obtained national distribution and assist them in launching a direct to consumer channel online. Our makers work with traditional cider apples that are rich in tannins and aromatics, and are harder to come by than the culinary and cull apples often used in mass-market ciders. CIDRBOX ciders are also highly regional and, for that reason, are often hard to find in your local market.

Who’s making money on this box, anyway? 

The cidermaker receives the largest share of revenue from the ciders that we pack and ship to you. The second largest share goes to operational costs. The Cidrhouse Group receives a small marketing fee for introducing the cideries to a larger national market, and we also direct 1% of profits to the on-going preservation of American farmlands and orchards, through a charitable donation to the American Farmland Trust.

What about shipping? 

All CIDRBOXES ship for only $10 each. That means whether you order three, six, or twelve bottles, you pay $10 per box. Our shipping carrier charges us considerably more than that, but we have subsidized their rate to make it affordable for you.  

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