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We regret that CIDRBOX has suspended operations due to the difficulties of operating as a third party provider within the US regulatory landscape for direct ship alcohol sales. We hope that you'll visit some of our featured makers and order their extraordinary cider direct.

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It begins in the orchard 

Our cidermakers start with true cider apples and heirloom varieties. With a focus on fruit that delivers rich, round tannins and lively acids—qualities that make fine cider stand out. The makers grind these apples into a pomace that gives juice (or must) like a grape and ferments like wine. Through careful attention and exacting skill, they make extraordinary cider that lets that fruit—and the place it was grown—shine through.

Then we lend a hand

Wine Spectator reports that “there are more than 500 cider producers in the US today, but many don't have distribution outside their local area.” That's where CIDRBOX comes in: Each month we travel to the orchard of a single, distinctive American heritage cidermaker, where we pack their rare and hard-to-find cider and ship it directly to you.

Now it’s your turn: To open, share and enjoy

“The pleasures of orchard-based cider are akin to the pleasures of a good, grower-based wine,” says Steve Wood, orchardist and Farnum Hill cidermaker. We agree. Take your time. Enjoy this cider like fine wine. Share with friends and experience everything cider can be. 

"Cider is a drink that has all the complexity of wine with the thirst-quenching drinkability of beer.” —Bon Appétit Magazine

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Each month we visit a single, distinctive American heritage orchard cidermaker  and we share their cider with our subscribers. We also sit down for a tasting with the maker which we share with you at

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