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It begins in the orchard 

Our cidermakers start with true cider apples and heirloom varieties. With a focus on fruit that delivers rich, round tannins and lively acids—qualities that make fine cider stand out. The makers press these apples into a pomace that gives like a grape and ferments like wine. Through careful attention and exacting skill, they make extraordinary cider that lets that fruit shine through.

Then we lend a hand

Wine Spectator reports that “there are more than 500 cider producers in the US today, but many don't have distribution outside their local area.” That's where CIDRBOX comes in: Each month we travel to the orchard of a single, distinctive American heritage cidermaker, where we pack their rare and hard-to-find cider and ship it directly to you. 

Now it’s your turn: To open, share and enjoy

“The pleasures of orchard-based cider are akin to the pleasures of a good, grower-based wine,” says Steve Wood, orchardist and Farnum Hill cidermaker. We agree. Take your time. Enjoy this cider like fine wine. Share with friends and experience everything cider can be. You'll taste the finer side of cider when you subscribe to CIDRBOX »

Our August cidrbox is sold through Prima Cider and ships direct from their cidery in Long Grove, Illinois just outside of Chicago • Expect delivery the week of August 21st • Meet the Maker »

In July we shipped Kite & String Cider from Interlaken in the New York Finger Lakes • Join us for a cider tasting with the makers »

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"And as for the Cidrbox experience, I could not be happier! The ciders were packed securely, shipped promptly, presented contextually, and best all well chosen." —Along Came a Cider reviews CIDRBOX »

"Cider is a drink that has all the complexity of wine with the thirst-quenching drinkability of beer.” —Bon Appétit Magazine


PLACE. Each bottle we ship tells the story of the place where it was made: Of the tree that produced the apples. Of the soil that made it unique. Winemakers call it terroir—we call it great cider

PEOPLE. Each box introduces you to a cidermaker who is a credit to the craft of hard cidermaking in America, and every Cider Session we share brings you closer to their craft. Your CIDRBOX includes their best work: An assortment of beautifully balanced ciders, ranging from dry to semi-sweet, that rival fine wine and complement your table

PLANET. We ship CIDRBOX once a month, by design. Why? To use fewer fossil fuels and limit the impact on our small producers. This is cider worth waiting for—and keeping it green means that we can keep it coming

South Hill Cider • Ithaca, New York • Featured May 2017 »

The Castle Hill was a fantastic collection! Nicely done! — David C.

Castle Hill Cider • Keswick, Viginia • Featured April 2017 »

The rose cider, wow. —Denise M.

Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider • Port Townsend, WA • Featured March 2017 »

The cider was amazing! As a certified sommelier I was excited about your product and think it is an incredible pairing for lots of cuisine! —Stephen F.

Foggy Ridge Cider  •  Dugspur, VA  •  Featured February 2017 »

The Windfall hard cider was fantastic! —Jake C.

Windfall Orchard  •  Cornwall, Vermont  •  Featured January 2017 »

We absolutely LOVED the Cidrbox from Eden. —Nicole M.

Eden Specialty Ciders • Newport, Vermont • Featured December 2016 »

Where CIDRBOX ships

We ship (almost) all over America — check our friendly states list to see if we can ship to you »

CIDRBOX is proud to support the American Farmland Trust in their mission to save the land that sustains us by protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices and keeping farmers on the land. A donation is made to the American Farmland Trust for every CIDRBOX sold.